Nature Photography

Capturing the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

The natural world encompasses many different splendors, from grandiose mountains to tiny creatures and from the suburban backyard to the remotest wilderness. Capturing all of the elements that make up nature is both a challenge and a reward.



Wild animals provide drama, action, beauty, and even some comedy to the photographic world. The pursuit of the perfect shot often leads to frustration and disappointment, broken up by moments of accomplishment and surprise. 

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There are landscapes around us in every direction. It takes a mix of luck, timing, and patience to capture the perfect moment when the lighting and weather conditions converge to create that once in a lifetime shot.

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Plants are indispensable to the world of nature photography. They're the color for a green hillside, the branch for a perched hawk, the nectar for pollinators, and most of all the oxygen we all need to survive.

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All nature photographs are available for commercial and editorial use or as high-quality prints for your office or home. Prints are available in many styles and sizes to fit most needs.